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Lemon Grass Oil

Lemon Grass Oil

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"Lemongrass" is a bright and uplifting fragrance that captures the essence of freshly cut lemongrass in a sunny garden. It is designed to evoke a sense of freshness, vitality, and clarity.

Note Composition:

  • Top Notes: Lemongrass, Lemon Peel, Bergamot
  • Middle Notes: Green Tea, Verbena, Geranium
  • Base Notes: Cedarwood, Musk

"Lemongrass" opens with a zesty and citrusy blend of lemongrass, lemon peel, and bergamot, creating a vibrant and refreshing start to the fragrance. The heart of the fragrance features green and herbal notes such as green tea, verbena, and geranium, adding depth and complexity. The base notes of cedarwood and musk provide a grounding and subtle finish, enhancing the fragrance with a clean and soothing aura.

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